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Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry Occupation Requirements

The Occupations In-Demand (OID) and Express Entry (EE) program sub-categories are for individuals who have education and work experience in a high-skilled and in-demand occupation. Eligible occupations for the OID and EE program sub-categories are high-skilled occupations in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix levels, with the exception of the ineligible occupations listed in the SINP Excluded Occupation List. High skilled occupations include:

  1. NOC "A" (occupations that usually require university education);

  2. NOC "B" (occupations that usually require college education or apprenticeship training); or

  3. NOC "0" (management).

The NOC is a national reference for occupations in Canada. Please see the NOC 2011 Matrix for more information on occupational skill levels.

NOTE: People with occupations listed under the SINP Excluded Occupation List are excluded (thus, ineligible) from applying under the Occupations In-Demand (OID) and Express Entry (EE) program sub-categories.
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